AWC Gala

A message from Tiffany Kohl:

Your Gala President here and first and foremost I want to thank again everyone who participated in this event- both the night of and the leading up to making this happen!  It was a beautiful and fun evening and the positive response from within and outside of the AWC has been incredible 🙂  Despite any obstacles, I am proud to say WE DID IT and it was so encouraging to see the great turnout, happy faces and what I am now glad to report, very successful results overall!

I am so grateful to you all and please be VERY proud of yourselves for contributing to such a wonderful cause.  Reaching this moment together and seeing the results of our hard work is a beautiful feeling.  THANK YOU all for caring enough to help me and the AWC put this important event on.

905965_10105578934477481_3916564074156118561_o 906102_10105578929452551_5813131156896866914_o 10368918_10105578930245961_2713758752549531798_o 10916309_10105578930290871_3567998005530615722_o 11225411_10105578934297841_8196397725350064587_o 11247715_10105578933569301_6421706762958069748_o 12015237_10105578932920601_2056308089962093044_o 12017560_10105578930465521_151586490029870081_o 12017728_10105578929078301_1566617454637051331_o 12027333_10105578931852741_8531595002595591560_o 12032839_10105578928888681_4837381530891365994_o 12034248_10105578931703041_3492366002222409836_o 12038790_10105578929063331_8666602308821762272_o 12039004_10105578929093271_8863547303530966963_o (1) 12045715_10105578930340771_3152125442750822525_o 12087194_10105578932246951_1223945687652542831_o 12132505_10105578932266911_8808290056978337228_o 12138456_10105578930809831_7668273941351191316_o


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