Newcomer’s Coffee

It’s that time of the year again! Come join us and make some new friends at: AWC Newcomer’s Coffee September 12, 2017 10:00am-12:00pm Please RSVP

Vegetarian Cooking Group

The Vegetarian Cooking Group ladies shared a fun-filled, healthy and delicious lunch today. These photos are the proof of the positive vibes that filled the beautiful home of the host Fran Jordan. Keep it going, ladies!

Vegetarian Cooking 

These ladies had their first Vegetarian Cooking Group activity today. They must have had such healthy, delicious and fun lunch together. Their glowing skin says it all, don’t you agree? 

Art&Culture Group Outing

This week these ladies shared precious moments enjoying beautiful art at the home of Jose Dario Gutierrez, an artist from Antioquia who is said to have the best Colombian art collection. 

Yoga at Serenity

Some AWC members had a fantastic time at Serenity, a beautiful retreat out of Bogotá, experiencing yoga, TRE(tension release exercises) and bioenergetic work instructed by Sandra Montgomery. Thank you Sandra for an amazing morning!

The Art & Culture Group’s first outing! 

The Ladies of the newly formed Art & Culture Group explored the concept of space and art today. A big thank you to Juanita Segovia the group leader, who made it all possible! The visits included visiting places, spaces and artists: Liberia Gabriel Antolinez, Miami Daniel Jimenez, el dorado Francy Jimenez, Antonio Bermúdez.     

The Melting Pot Group’s Monthly Brunch

Today the Melting Pot members enjoyed an amazing brunch hosted by Mai Adel with her co-host Julia Mandl. The meal consisted of a great variety of Egyptian vegetarian delicacies like filo pastries and babahanu, and Austrian “sins” like Sacher Torte and fruit cake for dessert. Thank you, Mai and Julia, for the delicious food and…

Mother’s Day Bazaar 

Tasteful artifacts and jewelry and delicious bread and sparkling juices made from Colombian fruits filled the home of Kimberley Kramer, the Shopping Group leader today. The ladies enjoyed shopping for their moms.. or themselves rather. Thank you Kimberley for opening up your beautiful home!

Hiking in Tenjo

The hiking group ladies climbed the mountains of Tenjo today. The picnic at the mountain top was well worth the hard work. Good job, everyone!