How to use the Google Group

Quickly send a message to the Member-only Google Group
Create an email as you usually do, and address the email to:

Access the Google Group archive

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your email address and password
  3. If you are using a google email as your google group email then you can use that password
  4. If you use another email, you will have to create a google account. This is done by clicking create account. Next put in the email that you use for the google groups, and choose a password. Fill in the rest of the boxes. Google will send you an email for you to verify that you signed-up for a google account.
  5. Use the SEARCH feature if you’re looking for recommendations (i.e., ‘empleada’).

Now you are ready to post or look through old messages.


Browse through old messages:

Browse the archives of AWC Bogota Members to find general information about Bogota, items for sale, or basic information that will help you find people and places around Bogota and Colombia, as well as official announcements or information about the American Women’s Club. From there, you can scroll through the old messages.


Respond to Google Group emails

It is appropriate to respond to the entire group when you have information that you feel will help the entire group. Examples of this would be referrals for services, travel information, information about Bogota that would be beneficial to the group.

It is NOT appropriate to respond to the entire group when you want to have a personal conversation with someone, when requesting to purchase something from someone, or any other conversation that will not benefit the group.

To reply to an individual from a google group message.

  1. Click reply
  2. Delete the
  3. Paste the email of the person you want to write to.

You can now send a private email.



What you can post to the Google Group:

  • Post any questions you have.
  • Post helpful replies to questions.
  • Post your personal moving sale items.
  • Post rental info for the apartment you are leaving.
  • Do not post any requests for friends.
  • Do not advertise your wares (unless it is as a response to a specific question, otherwise please advertise in the AWC Newsletter)



  • When in the Google Group, select the small down arrow on the MY settings icon at the top right hand side of the screen.
  • The membership setting page will appear.
  • Click on the small down arrow next to Email delivery preference and select the option you want.  Click on Save and you have successfully changed your delivery frequency.

Or simply write to our Technology Coordinator with your preference & we’ll make that change for you.

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