Household Services

Most service providers will come to your home.


Ruedas en Bicicletas Castillo, Av.Carrera 7 No.121-21/25, T 619-3573.  Mountain bike rentals and repairs in your home.


  • Patricia Marquez,,, she speaks perfect English, studied in the States. Her cakes are amazing!!
  • Adriana Noriega, 310 2399072,,  I tried a cake she did for a children’s birthday party and LOVED it! (a very moist “vainilla and arequipe ponqué”), She can also decorate it with the characters you want.
  • Marina Flores, 318 338 6905,  Angry birds cake, nerfgun cake
  • Nicolucas, If you take a picture or photograph of what you want, they will have a custom made cake for you in a few days. They also have ready to go decorated cakes. You get to choose the filling also. Nicolucas is all over Bogotá but there is one on the calle 116 midway between the Av. 15 and Av. 19. Tel 5225520
  • Tartalina, Catalina Pardo. You can visit her site http://www.tartalina.comor look it up on Facebook as Tartalina. There are lots of pictures and she can bake and decorate pretty much any cake you want.


Guillerrmo Romero, a bookbinder in Bogota, who does incredible work.
Throughout the last three years, he has fixed many of our old books and also made some albums. He is one of these rarities doing manual labour so highly appreciated but probably soon not available anymore. If you do have any books that need to be fixed or bound, don’t hesitate to call him. He is the kindest man you could imagine, comes to your house, picks up the books and takes them back to his workshop to fix them. He was originally referred to me through another AWC member.

His phone number is 031 233 2968, he does not have a mobile phone.



  • Alejandro 310 7570 205
  • I would like to share with you information about a wonderfully skilled carpenter. He and his team have created items as well as repaired and refinished damaged furniture for me. He made an awesome nerf gun organization wall for my boys as well. He responds quickly to texts. Germy Daniels (310) 551-6615


  • Gustavo Montana, C 315 250 4396, Embassy driver who rents cars with or without a driver
  • Maritza Barragan, Limocars, T483 5252,

CAR SALES . Compare prices, brands of cars available in Colombia. Excellent website to sell your car. They have an office in front of Unicentro Mall.


  • ~Julio Rincon. Cleaned my carpets and even some upholstery furniture for over 4 years.  His cel is (310) 307-8666. He collects.
  • ~Juan Pablo Roa, (315) 791-7337. He’s very good. Steam cleans carpet dry very quickly.
    clle. 68 b 68g – 68  bellavista. TEL: 250 26 29   CEL: 314 327 41 91


It is possible to hire a caterer for receptions or parties at home. Costs are about $30,000-$40,000 per person for six hors d’oeuvres or a simple buffet meal, plus wait staff at about $30,000 per waiter per evening.

  • Jennie Levitt comes highly recommended by many AWC members.  Jennie  also gives cooking
  • Almendros Y Aceitunas Casa de Banquetes, run by Gloria Miranda Duque, T 671 5250  C 315 348 2585, Gloria has worked for many years with Canadian diplomats and other Embassies in Bogota
  • Carolina Zuloaga, Chef Gato Dumas, 4 Espacios, C 320 4843102, or clarybv@hotmail. com. Catering and private cooking classes available at your home.
  • Catalina Osorio, T 310 813 8983,
  • Jose Salinas, T 685-2503 C 311-218-7845. They organize all kind of social events and have experience with diplomats.


  • Carlos Gomez300-388-2415, ~fantastic driver we’ve used several times while in Bogota. We didn’t have a car while living here and Carlos arranged vans, SUVs, or sedans for us based on our needs (whole/half day or hourly). Always on time and very competitive rates.You may call or contact him via whatsapp, Spanish only.
  • I have a driver. His name is Aldo and drives an über. He speaks Spanish and English. He is very nice and helpful. I even had him give my parents a tour of Bogotá one afternoon.  He’s on Whatsapp, it’s the best way to reach him. I have a driver. His name is Aldo and drives an über. He speaks Spanish and English. He is very nice and helpful. I even had him give my parents a tour of Bogotá one afternoon.  He’s on Whatsapp, it’s the best way to reach him. 314 245 3117
  • Nestor Roldan3102815569.  He often drives people from the US Embassy and was cleared by them.  He is very chatty and doubles as a tour guide and gives you a unique Colombian man-in-the street perspective.
  • Jairo: +57 313 829 8741, . I always use his service for my family, my baby and me.

  • Wilson 312 4041057 speaks English


  • Lavanderia Milenium, Leonardo, 316 635 8069. Will pick up and deliver.
  • Lavacity, Pablo Pinto, 3132750990, He will collect and deliver


  • German Baquero 313.847.4786.


  • Fratessi – Carrera 11 # 85-7



  • Club Campestre El Rancho, Calle 194 No. 45-20, T  668 4600
  • Club Campestre Los Arrayanes, Autopista Norte Km 14 Via La Inmaculada Cemeterio, T 676 0700
  • Club La Cima http://clubdegolfl/  public golf course on La Calera with spectacular views


  • Hard body, Calle 119 No. 7–75, T 6030303
  • Bodytech, Calle 96 No. 10-54, T 7442222 Ext: 1251,
  • Evolution Pilates, Santa Ana Mall, Avenida 9 No. 110, Piso 2, local 213, T 637.8613 | 637.8614,
  • Prana Yoga Colombia, Calle 118 No. 5 – 33, T 629.6209 C 317.644.2468,  www.pranayogacolombia. com
  • Natural Yoga, Calle 85 No.19A-24, 2nd floor, T 2364648  C 315 661 55 75,
  • Studio Sound, Hacienda Santa Barbara, Carrera 7 No.115-60
  • Korper Pilates. Most classes are taught by the owner who allows you to work at your own pace and adapts the exercises to your special needs and/or injuries. Prices are reasonable as well. Contact: Sonia Perez (owner) 310-269-9691. Address: Calle 85 #14-48 oficina 501 (kitty corner from the Carulla on 85 & 15).


  • Luis Coronel 3195696615
  • Hello ladies, I’d like to recommend my Empleada’s husband who is a painter. He just painted our apartment while we were away for Semana Santa and did a great job! He’s a lovely, reliable person. His number is: Alejandro Prieto 310 629 6922

HOTELS – long term stays


More flexible courses:

Spanish teachers who come to your home:

  • Jaime Rodriguez, 3153486669
  • Flor and Norela Barreto, T 523 0795,  Private tutors who will come to your home. Norela speaks French as well.
  • Laura 3138376728,
  • Ana Lucia Rico. She is amazing and she works around busy schedules.Her whatsapp number is 317-654-5841.


  • Andrés Moreno 322 8495120
  • Orlando Castro cel +573115791706
  • Wilson Leon. Tel: 314 2062590
  • Efren 310 2307638


  • Gabriel Cruz, T 241-0022 C 300-551-2665, Professional photographer with more than 15 years of experience working with Embassies in Bogota
  • Javier Dussan, T 485-4338 C 321 361 7862/301 350 1534, He works with diplomats but is also willing to come to your house for small events.
  • Tram Martinez, an AWC member, and both the photos and the entire experience was just amazing! !
  • Sandra Penarate
I highly recommend you Virginie de Reynal. She´s an amazing photographer !


You can contact to Alex Ballen. He is a good guy. Telephone: 313 237 8838


Master BBQ, 031 672 1371, or 312 579 9054



  • Enrique :311 238 9603, salsa teacher that comes to your home
  • Brian and his number is: 3203964184 “I have a teacher who comes to my house – he offers different packages of classes from 1-10 in Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, etc etc. You can choose.”
  • I recommend classes with a husband – wife team at a dance school on the Cl 85, individualized.  They also offer classes at your home.


  • Alcira Rodriguez, C 311 2232601. Tailoring services at home
  • Marta Suarez 3106973009


  • And.Pos, Calle 117 No. 6A-57, C 311 5312654, T 2155270
  • Doralba, Calle 117 No. 6-40, T 637 8489, C 310 2698996. This Usaquén store offers shoe repair, tailoring and dry cleaning services.


Most do not speak English. All will come to your home for individual or group classes.

  • Edison Chavez Fontecha, C 300 3632151,, $600,000 COP/month for four sessions per week
  • Gilo, C 311 2849556, Pilates/Dance/ Trainer, $50,000COP/hour, up to five people.
  • Paula Fynboh (Private Power & Yin Yoga instructor), Minimum of three people, C 317 4142610
  • Yeisson Acosta, C 321 2145181, Kickboxing/Caipoera/Personal trainer, $15,000- $30,00 COP/hour/person


Travelling by air is fairly cheap within the country. However, international travel can be expensive. Certain destinations such as Brazil and Galapagos often cost more than a round-trip ticket back to Canada. Check out the following websites and companies for tickets. Note that there are no last minute deals as in Canada.



  • Yamal Abder Bartender/ Server Tel 312 380 2537 or 031 211 1826 Super waiter skills, never interrupts but is always there when you need him.  He has a team he can call on.
  • Jose Castro +57 310 3298987 He was so wonderful that even my guests gave him a tip. He remember the names of my guests and remembered their drinks – he really made the night so much easier.
  • I hired a waitress for a dinner party for 8 last week and liked her. Yuranni 3194239261