Personal Care and Beauty



  • Vaishali Cejas, 313 371 5254, Cr 15 # 112-3


  • Christina is a lovely young lady who will come to your home super earlyin the morning to do the lashes (long or short). It takes about an hour and looks sensational for a special event or a trip where you don’t want to bother with make up. Tel: 320 458 6950


  • Adriano Peluqueria, Santa Ana Mall, 2nd floor, local 212, Calle 110, No. 9A-10, T 6378611 or 6378612
  • Pelueria Infantil Norberto, Calle 109 No. 17A-28 L-3, T 213 2813
  • Gossip Salon– Avenida Carrera 19 # 122 – 49, shop no 69. Websites: & Ronald is Dutch and speaks English, Dutch, German and Spanish. WhatsApp: +57 3214309718


  • Olga Garcia, C 313 2204482
  • Paola Chacon, C 301 7640172
  • Sandra, C 311 5898624
  • Alejandra, C 313-408-1695
  • Disney, C 3208502614
  • Luz Marina, 310-563-8163
  • Yenny Hernandez, 3213684394 Yenny is wonderful!! I have been working with her for more than 3 years and she is very professional, punctual, talented and very nice. She does regular manicure and pedicure and also some amazing nail art designs if that’s what you want. She also does a great job with my hair.
  • Gabriela Rojas, 312-357-4650. Does mani/pedis, massages, facials, waxing & haircuts!!
  • Lady, (312) 330-8172
  • Hildebeth Piñedos. She is a great manicurist/pedicurist and I know she provides other styling services as well. She’s punctual, and does an amazing, immaculate job. She comes to your home and brings everything she needs. Attached is her card.
    She typically works the northern part of the city and can start early in the day.
    Contact her directly if interested. Her cell phone is (321) 232-4282. She uses WhatsApp


These therapists come to your home. Costs vary depending on the services you choose. For example, a regular one-hour massage costs $80,000 COP; a two-hour Thai Massage costs $140,000 COP; a one-hour stone massage costs $100,000 COP.

  • Cristina. She will come to your home with her massage table and give you a massage – 1 hour for 60 000 COP. It’s wonderful!! She can do a chocolatemassage as well. She doesn’t speak English but has clients who don’t speak Spanish and she gets by. You basically need to tell her if you want it “suave” – soft or “duro/fuerte” – hard. Her number is 320 3376261.
  • Martha Beltran was great for me, she’s on WhatsApp: 312-458-0474. Martha Beltran is amazing!! Licensed, tons of experience and brings her own table! (312) 458-0474
  • Katherina Zapata, C 313 8692942, Katherina specializes in reflexology and traditional deep tissue massage. She speaks English.
  • Alvaro Silvo, C 314 3576656, Alvaro specializes in Thai Massage and regular deep tissue massage. He does not speak English.
  • Elena del Mar. At the Hacienda Santa Barbara, T 214 6227, You can buy packages that average out to about CAD$10 per massage.


  • Lotus Thai Spa
  • Four Seasons Bogota. Carrera 13 # 85–46, Bogota, Colombia. Tel. (57-1) 325 7900. And if you like you can contact Ann Armstrong directly to book your experience. She is the Dir of Marketing there.
  • I really love the spa at the W hotel! They have an excellent space, pool, and facilities. They have frequent specials as well! Spa at the W hotel