Child-Friendly Outings

B E S T K I D – F R I E N D L Y R E S T A U R A N T S with activities!
*** ANDRES CARNE DE RES, CHIA make sure you reserve a table outside – a huge playarea (face painting, puppetry, sand box, carpentry, mini soccer field, etc) though you have to pay for each activity
*** ARCHIES, Potosi – a great drive out of the city towards Sopo, with a big play area, lots of birthday parties are held there, there is/was a petting zoo there but not sure if it´s still there. Archies within the city have specific times when the kids can make their own pizza (I believe before 7 PM).
*** AZURRO 109
*** LA CABAÑA ALPINA, Sopo .… The HQ of the Alpina chain where you can eat lots of desserts, ice cream and of course all of the Alpina products. (You unfortunately do not see cheese being made.) Play area outside.
*** LA CASA DEL ARBOL CENTRO CULTURAL… A great place in La Soledad for birthday parties and they have several rooms with toys and activities
*** COOL DE SAC, CC Palatino – play area (climbing wall, costumes, face painting, legos) that you pay for, adults pay admission that you can use for consumption – POSSIBLY CLOSED!
*** DIVERCITY, CC Santa Ana the concept is that kids move through different rooms that are part of ¨city¨most of it is one fee, and some a small nomial fee; you can´t bring in food so you have to eat from the small selection they have. Though they recommend from 3+, I would say it´s best for 5+
*** FINKANA PARQUE TEMATICO (formerly called Panaca) horse-focused but there are many other animals in corrals to visit, not a great food selection, just down the street from Parque Jaime Duque
*** GAME BOX, CC Andino – arcade, a place to spend some time on a rainy day, you purchase a card to ride the rides, each are individually priced; nice areas for babies that crawl, an obstacle course for kids
*** LA GRANJA EN TENJO it’s a restaurant that has farm animals as well and arts and craft activities for the kiddos, better for toddlers than Andres in Chia
*** JARDIN BOTANICO JOSE CELESTINO MUTIS (Botanical Garden) one of the true jewels of Bogota, like an oasis, well-maintained; there are monthly nightly events
*** JENO´S PIZZA, 116
*** KARENS PIZZA, Top floor has a play area
*** MAGIC PAINT, a place to paint ceramics and to create mosaics, soap and candles
*** MONKI´S, a place to spend a few hours or host a party, multi-level depending on age
*** MULTIPARQUE an outdoor play area that is surrounded by a few restaurants (Plaza de Andres, Tambor) and kids furniture stores
*** EL PORTICO RESTAURANTE, Chia an amazing restaurant/property with activities for kids; you can rent different buildings for events; great for when family comes in from out of town; TIP: sit outside as it can be smoky inside.
*** REPUBLICA DE TOMINE, Guatavita.ública… outdoor play / area/ some farm animals. Very nice owners from Germany who cater to children! Lovely experience
*** EL SALITRE MAGICO, amusement park
*** SALTO DE ANGEL RESTAURANTE, Parque 93… Only on Sundays, they turn the dance floor into a big play area for kids, bouncy house, drawing, toys, painting, and they have two assistants to play with your kids
*** TREN TURISTICO DE LA SABANA which is a steam engine train that takes you through the city, it goes to the north, to the town where the salt cathedral and nemocon mine are, you could also visit both places if you haven’t yet
*** BABEL LIBROS… An incredible place for kids and reading, on occasional Saturdays, they invite authors and there are kid events; there is also a free lending library where the library card is signed out to the child.
*** ART BOOKS: Cra. 11 No. 85-79| T 610 0052 | Facebook: ArtBooksLibreria |
*** ESPANTAPAJAROS: Cra. 19A No. 104A-60 | T 620 0754 / 629 7828 |
*** LA MADRIGUERA DEL CONEJO: Storytelling every Sunday morning at 11:30am (in Spanish). Cra. 11 No. 85-52 | Cra. 5 No. 57-79 | T 236 8186 |
– – – – – PARKS INSIDE BOGOTA – – – – –
*** PARQUE DE LA 93 one of the most popular play areas in the north of the city, that is surrounded by many restaurants
*** PARQUE ¨EL CHICO¨ located next to Museo de “El Chico” it´s one of the nicer parks in the north, with several playgrounds and many areas for picnics; there is a British double-decker bus that sells pastries and coffee from the restaurant Brot
*** PARQUE EL VIRREY a long park with 3 different play areas and well-paved paths, that stretches about 12 blocks from Carreras 7th to 19th between Calles 88 and 86 – there are several hotels and restaurants that dot the park, and very close to many other restaurants and CC Andino; annual events like Alimentarte take over the park for 2 weekends in a row; The ciclovia runs through it so on Sundays it is always packed around 15th and 86th.
*** PARQUE SIMON BOLIVAR Bogota´s ¨Central Park¨sandbox, play areas, recommended to bring food though the typical Colombian fruit and arepa stands are inside
– – – – – PARKS OUTSIDE BOGOTA – – – – –
*** PARQUE ECOLOGICO JERICO, La Vega you can fish in their trout pond (very easy for all kids), ride their horses, eat in the restaurant, walk the trails
*** PARQUE ECOLOGICO PIONONO, Sopo… a really great park where little kids can walk, you can take your stroller, you can camp and do a bbq, and have an incredible view of the valley
*** PARQUE JAIME DUQUE, Briceno, Tocancipá a great place for kids to spend the whole day, like a mini Disneyland, rides, zoo with a lot of animals, train; bring a stroller as it´s a big place
***PARQUE DE SOPO, Sopo… a nice park in Sopo where you can walk the trails, do a bbq, rent a little bbq area and walk the humedal there; nearby is a highway Corral Gourmet is worth a stop in itself because of its big play area in the back
*** SUESCA ROCK CLIMBING, Suesca amazing place to try rock climbing, with young children you can walk along the long path with your stroller and enjoy the lovely views
*** HILO MAGICOS, puppetry theater in Spanish, nice for kids
*** FUNDACIÓN JAIME MANZUR : Puppet theater for kids on Saturdays at 3:30pm and Sundays at 11:30am. | Cl. 61A No. 14-58 | T 235 9949 / 249 6283 | |
*** CORPORACIÓN MISI: Renowned musical theater school for children over four years-old. Cl. 103B No. 51-11 | T 616 0388 | |
*** TEATRO LA LIBELULA DORADA: Cra. 19 No. 51-69 | T 249 8658 / 345 0683 / 312 3863834| |