The Art & Culture Group’s first outing! 

The Ladies of the newly formed Art & Culture Group explored the concept of space and art today. A big thank you to Juanita Segovia the group leader, who made it all possible! The visits included visiting places, spaces and artists: Liberia Gabriel Antolinez, Miami Daniel Jimenez, el dorado Francy Jimenez, Antonio Bermúdez.     


Members of the AWC were privileged to tour the Museum of Modern Art of Bogota and view a beautiful exhibit of Olga Amaral and her husband, Jim Amaral’s works. Olga and Jim are two of Colombia’s most well known artists. Olga’s works form part of the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art collection, as well as…

Bingo went off with a Bang!

Thank you everyone who turned up at the Bingo Fundraiser today! All the funds we raised will go towards buying milk and other groceries for our 14 foundations. Congrats to the many, many prize winners and to Marta Sabogal, our organizer extraordinaire! 

Spanish Language Group

The ladies of the Spanish Language Group enjoy a chuckle and all in español! Thanks to group leaders Fernanda Samper and Mai Adel for giving us the chance to practice our Spanish skills! To join the group contact: Mai Adel, or Fernanda Samper The group meets twice a month on a Tuesday from…

Friday Chick Flick! 

This Friday at 10:00 -near Usaquen- we are watchingTHE SAINT with Val Kilmer and Elisabeth Shue. “Never reveal your name. Never turn your back. Never surrender your heart.” RSVP to reserve your seat and/or get directions. Please bring a small donation for our charities (5mil) Thanks, Jenny Atkins

Pop Up Coffee 

This group of fabulous ladies met this morning and shared some stories and some laughs. It is always a treat to meet new friends and old. Thank you to our dear Marina for creating an oasis of friendship for us all.

Paraplegicos No Pensionados

Members of the Social Services Group visited our foundation Paraplegicos No Pensionados on Tuesday. We met Gonzalo, Wilson and William. These lovely characters greeted us with smiles and warmth despite their difficult circumstances. Their greatest needs at the moment are for clothes (men and women’s) and for a refrigerator (any size).  We are also trying…

Visit to the Homes of Artist Guillermo Londono and Architect Simon Velez

The above photo was taken at the home of the internationally renowned architect, Simon Velez with him and his wife Stefana, along with our group. Simon is known for his pioneering work with bamboo as a structural element in building and sustainable architecture. The second picture above is the view from the lookout of the…

Visit to Fundacion Fe

We visited Foundation Fundacion Fe this morning. What an amazingly humbling experience! They provide therapy and care for brain injured children here and have an array of specialist therapists: occupational therapists, speech therapists and physiotherapists. The foundation also educates parents on accepting and loving their children, which is incredibly geart warming and heart breaking at…