About Us


The American Women’s Club of Bogotá, a FAWCO Member Club, is a social and charitable organization that is open to English-speaking expat women, as all of our communications are in English.

For over 70 years, AWC has been supporting its charities with the money raised by several fundraising events throughout the year.

The club organizes monthly cultural outings exclusively for our members (such as exclusive tours of the Bavaria factory, the Mario Hernandez factory, the MAMBO museum with the artists themselves serving as tour guides, exclusive visits to art studios,…) and offers several member-led groups (cooking, book clubs, language clubs, yoga, toddler playdates, etc.) which usually meet on a weekly basis and allow members to create lasting friendships.

We also offer our members access to an email listserv and several WhatsApp chats through which our members can help each other find certain foods, activities, connections to professionals, etc. in the city. Our social media presence is continually updated to keep our members informed of upcoming events. We also offer a space for members to easily buy and sell their belongings.

Our annual membership fee is currently $150,000 COP ($40 USD) per year. We’d love for you to join us!