Join the AWC Art & Culture Tour

The art course designed for the – American Women’s Club- will be divided in 3 modules: circulation, content, media. The first class will take place during the ARTBO weekend, which is supposed to offer an articulated network of galleries, independent spaces, museums and other forms of art spaces. The main purpose of the first encounter is to develop a critical thinking on art circulation, recourses used for the production and exhibition of art pieces and artists. We will visit three different kinds of art spaces: Miami Prácticas Contemporáneas, and artist run space, Liberia-Central contemporánea, an independent gallery and art space and El Dorado, a former gallery. The tour will start at Liberia (San Felipe) at 9:30 am, we will discuss two lectures that will be assigned in order for us to be able to have a critical discussion on how art circulates before entering. In all spaces we will be received by the director or artist currently exhibited, the visits are already scheduled with the person in charge of the guided visits. Punctuality will be necessary due to traffic. I suggest that we rent a van in order to move around the city. The tour will end at El Dorado (Macarena). I suggest that we all read a previous profile of the artists works, this will make the dialogue richer. This information will be provided by the spaces once we have confirmed our assistance. You can find further information on the ARTBO weekend at the fair portal.

Copy of Art Exhibition Flyer Template


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