Visit to Proyecto de Vida

PROYECTO DE VIDA  is a foundation that is dedicated to promote self esteem and guidance to  the children that attend the foundation. They receive children ages 6  to 18 years and their objective is  first to  keep the children busy when they are not in simg_3072chool and to keep them away from the streets and perhaps getting involved in inadequate activities. The children attend before
they go to school or after school depending if they go to the morning or afternoon session of school. The foundation is open  from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. They provide the children with classes in dance, theater, music,urban arts,painting and also reinforcement in homework. They have three locations , Soacha with 182 children, Ciudad Bolivar 175 children and Usaquen with 89 children. The foundation provides the classes and also a nutritive snack . In Soacha, which is the location with the lowest house incomes, the children have the possibility of receiving lunch if they pay  a monthly fee. The parents are charged a symbolic monthly  tuition $4000 pesos in Usaquen, $2500 in Ciudad Bolivar and $800 in  Soacha.  Your AWC dues provide powdered  milk which is distributed to the three locations. This foundation does not receive any funds from any governmental organization, all their needs are filled by private donations.

by Gladys Delgado

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