Visit to the Homes of Artist Guillermo Londono and Architect Simon Velez

The above photo was taken at the home of the internationally renowned architect, Simon Velez with him and his wife Stefana, along with our group. Simon is known for his pioneering work with bamboo as a structural element in building and sustainable architecture.

The second picture above is the view from the lookout of the home of Colombian artist Guillermo Londoño. His garden and home are unique, a tranquil oasis inside the historic downtown neighborhood of the Candelaria in Bogota.

Prudencia is an exceptional restaurant in the same neighborhood , owned and run by The CIA trained ( Culinary Institute of America) chef Mario Romero and his American born wife, Meghan Flanagan. Their restaurant was renovated and designed by Simon Velez and recommended to us by Guillermos Londoño. Had a fantastic lunch there. Just another lovely and interesting day in Bogota!

Gail Simpson-Ruiz

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