Visit to Fundacion Fe

We visited Foundation Fundacion Fe this morning. What an amazingly humbling experience! They provide therapy and care for brain injured children here and have an array of specialist therapists: occupational therapists, speech therapists and physiotherapists. The foundation also educates parents on accepting and loving their children, which is incredibly geart warming and heart breaking at the same time. We, the AWC, provide scholarships which allow families in poverty to send their children here to receive the help they need. 

Fundacion Fe is very well equipped with therapy tools but would love to have a tv or dvds or a dvd player or a videobeam projector. If anyone has something like this they would like to donate please contact Sandra Galan at (1) 624 0507. 

They do amazing work here, and we are proud to be their supporter!  

We are invited to a mass to give thanks and to open their new building, on Saturday at 10am. Contact Christine Kochan if you would like to attend. 

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