Report: Visit to Casa de la Esperanza

On February 16, 2016 members of the AWC, Lorelle Green Correa, Gladys Delgado and Mary Mateus visited Fundacion Casa de la Esperanza, also known as, Hogar Clarita Santos Casa de la Esperanza Hermanas de Cristo Sacerdote.
The address is: Cajica, vereda rio grande/sector el misterio, al lado de colegio Newman.
On premises, we met with the social worker, Laura Moreno, however, Sister Beatriz is in charge of the Fundacion. Further inquiries please note her celular # 312 480 2285.
This fundacion is a home for elderly woman, with sever physical and/or mental disabilities. There are currently 66 elderly women who reside in the Casa de la Esperanza.
Teachers/caregivers: 35 and are dispersed accordingly: Administrators,10 accredited professionals(doctors, psychologists) and 3 nurses. 20 of the 35 employed are full time employees.
No additional volunteers/help is needed at this time.
Casa de la Esperanza is 10 years old.
The fundacion is very clean and well organized. Please see the photos below. The elderly women are well groomed and taken care of.
All common areas, kitchen and dormitories are well organized,orderly and clean. The structure is in excellent condition, no signs of negligence or decay.
Additional personal needs are: adult diapers and money for medicine.
The fundacion’s Structural needs are: industrial laundry washing machines, modern kitchen facilities.
A project is in the planning stage to expand the current fundacion to a three story building within three years that will accommodate 90 additional elderly.

by Lorelle Green Correa

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