Visit to Paraplejicos No Pensionados

The residents of Paraplejicos No Pensionados were delighted to see us and truly touched that we were taking an interest in them.  Presently there are 10 paraplegic men and women that live in, and another 6 that sleep out.  With no pensions or means of support from the State they live in a seniors home in the center of Bogota.  Their needs are many and we are the only organization that helps with funds. The AWC provides milk, groceries, and their medical supplies and medicines.

Their present needs:

They need a table for washing (which we are currently having built), and they would love to have board games to play. They need to constantly buy new batteries for their wheelchairs at a cost of $800 000 each.  Also these batteries last for only a few hours at a time, then run out, so new ones would be appreciated.  Each electric wheelchair costs $5 000 000 and they are in dire need as some residents are injuring their hands whilst self pushing the wheels of their old wheelchairs. They are in urgent need of a technician to maintain their wheelchairs. Books on crafts and jewelry making would be very useful too. They sell handmade jewelry and key rings made of beads. They get very cold at night so winter sheets and blankets to warm them at night would be a special treat.They would love to have visitors! If anyone can help in any of these areas please contact us at

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