Trunk Show

The first trunk show of the AWC took place at the Four Seasons Casa Medina. The purpose was to raise funds for all charities that we sponsor throughout the year. Thirty one vendors participated in the event. A HUGE THANK YOU to all that participated to support this beautiful charity event!

American Women’s Club of Bogota

The American Women’s Club of Bogotá provides opportunities for American people and people of other nationalities to meet and enjoy each other’s company and share new experiences while in Colombia, through a variety of activities. For over 70 years, AWC has been supporting its charities with the money raised by several fundraising events throughout the year. The…

Newcomers’ Coffee

American Women’s Club (AWC) Newcomers’ Coffee Please come join us in our informative Newcomers’ Coffee to enjoy delicious goodies and make new friends. The American Women’s Club provides opportunities for American women and women of other nationalities to meet and enjoy each other’s company and share new experiences while in Colombia, through a variety of…

Melting Pot lunch

The Melting Pot Group had their monthly lunch under the beautiful sunny sky in Cajica last week. The lunch theme this time was “Tribute to all Mothers”.

Hiking Group

These fun&nature-loving, enthusiastic ladies of our Hiking Group had a wet but really lovely, rewarding hike in the mountains of Tenjo. The delicious lunch and amazing fire place afterwards that warmed both their bodies and souls must have compensated for the downside of the hike, if any!

Spring Bazaar

The AWC Spring Bazaar was a GREAT success. Thank you all that contributed by participating both as venders and shoppers!

Wine Tasting

Some members and their friends/SO’s shared an incredible evening at a wine tasting event, featuring some rare South American wines.

Cooking Club

The ladies in the AWC Cooking Group had a great time together at a member’s lovely home recently. They cooked and shared delicious dishes prepared according to the monthly theme of “Tomato.”

Vegetarian Cooking

Today the Vegetarian Cooking Group shared great fun cooking Thai food and savoring the finished products together for lunch at a member’s beautiful Chia home where nature surrounds. They enjoyed a surprisingly large turnout of 18 members. The fanfare of the fun time came with an exotic dessert plate of rice with mango with coconut…

Melting Pot Lunch

These ladies in MP had an awesome time at a member’s home in beautiful La Calera. They enjoyed not only some amazing Colombian food, but also a lesson (with a glass of wine in hand!) on how to make authentic German pretzel bread offered by the group leader. Their friendly chatter that lingered till early…

Christmas Bazaar

We invite you all to join us at our Annual Christmas Mini-Bazaar! To purchase tickets, please email:  We look forward to seeing you soon!